About The Diabetic Cyclist

Diabetic Cyclist

My name is Josh and I have Type 1 Diabetes….sounds like the opening of an AA meeting, huh?  I’ve been insulin dependent for more than half of my life. Managing blood glucose levels and insulin intake only amplifies the rest of life’s curve balls. From parenting, finances, work, chasing the dream and more, life is hard if we are honest about it.

You likely have something you struggle with too. Regardless, this blog exists to highlight the ways we deal with epic struggles that may seem just like the daily grind, but at times, feels like you have a boxcar full of lead bricks on your back.

Sometimes, we’ll be very acute in our posts here. Other times, we’ll zoom out and deal with bigger, more universal issues.

Thanks for joining me at the Diabetic Cyclist and let me know if you find any of our content helpful!

2 thoughts on “About The Diabetic Cyclist

  1. Loving your blog! I have gone back and forth about the Continuous Glucose Monitor for my 4 year-old. I selfishly want it because I feel like I can’t ever have too much information to help me, help her with this on-going battle (for lack of a better word). Ultimately, I think that having two insertion sites on her tiny frame is just too much! We start the pump this next month! However, I like reading about how you use it to your advantage and how it helps keep a handle on your BG’s. I will be reading for more tips and suggestions!

    • Thank Jen, I have 7, 5 and 3 year old daughters…so I know where you are coming from on keeping them comfortable and safe. However, I have NO idea what it’s like managing a chronic illness for them. That must be hard. Don’t feel pressure to rush into anything. The technology is simply going to get better and better, as you already know. It’s kinda like iPhones. Once you buy one, the next that’s better is about to come out! You could, however, get the Dexcom prescription and just test it out. If it’s too much, put it on the shelf(that is if insurance is helping you foot the bill, those things “ain’t” cheap as we say here in the south).

      Anyway, Godspeed and keep us up to date on how pump therapy goes! – Josh

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