Waterboarding The Diabetic

I used to wake up 2-3 nights a week to my wife pouring apple juice down my mouth like she was some kind of sick terrorist water-boarding me with a fruity twist. I was usually in a cold sweat, drenched head to toe and many times unable to figure out exactly what was going on. Well, she wasn’t initiating me into Al Qaeda like it sounded. She was saving me from hypoglycemic reactions. Low blood sugars.

It’s really hard to understand the role diabetes plays in someone’s day to day life. It is literally ALWAYS there. For those of us with Type 1, or juvenile onset, we walk with this chronic illness everywhere and we have to ALWAYS be ahead of it. Low and high blood sugars can absolutely ruin the most common, everyday moments. ¬†CONTROL is the only way to fight it. Control the disease or it will control you….or torture you.

One way that we have conquered the fight against Type 1 Diabetes is through a Continuous Glucose Monitor(CGM). I use a Dexcom G4 and it is literally my most prized technological possession. It tells me what my blood sugar is at all times and where it is headed. I can literally head off bad moments at the pass. Check it out and get a glimpse of how some of us diabetics are sleeping seven nights a week without low blood sugar attacks…

Dexcom G4 CGM

Love this guy. He’s a life saver.

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