Best Blood Sugar Day

Best Blood Sugar Day

Best day of blood sugars in a long time. I think the average is about 113 for the day. It’s hard to have a day this level. Really hard. I don’t claim to have days like this every day, but had to share with everyone this time. For me, eating “quantity” is the struggle more so than “quality”. Today, I didn’t eat that much:).

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Fixed Gear Bicycle Fun…Remind Me To Never Try This

fixed gear hockey2

Fixed Gear Bicycle Fun…Remind Me To Never Try This…courtesy of one of our favorite blogs…Cadenced.

GROOVY BICYCLE has hand made fixed gear and seven gear bikes on sale. Free shipping and tons of different colors. They are having a flash sale, so if you go to and use “groovyfb” when you check out you get an extra 10% off…pretty cool and great bikes.

OmniPod Central Command

OmniPod Central Command

This is where it all happens for this Type 1 Diabetic. Central command for all things insulin, carb counting and blood glucose testing.

Although, I’ve been having some difficulties with the generation pods. Since August, I’ve had 9 pods go on the fritz while either wearing them or preparing them for use. Insulet, the maker of OmniPod, has been gracious and replaced all of them. The problem is that each time one stops functioning, it wastes insulin that is in the pods internal resevoir(I use Apidra insulin and love it). So, the burden falls to managing prescription refills and health insurance protocols…headache city.

Nonetheless, the tubeless insulin pump therapy that OmniPod offers is astounding. Lots of freedom. Better control than I’ve ever had over my blood sugar levels(A1C) and with little hassle while wearing them.

I strongly suggest insulin pump therapy if you are a diabetic and are still using injections. Ask your doctor about it. Life changer. There are lots of great pumps out there. I simply love my OmniPod.

New generation OmniPod is smaller and carries same amount of insulin.

New generation OmniPod is smaller and carries same amount of insulin.