New Routine For This Diabetic

So, I’ve started a new exercise routine with a buddy. Cycling at 5:30AM.  It’s been fantastic.  Road bikes + lights + no traffic on the roads = awesome.

I basically wake up at 4:45AM, dial back my basal insulin rate on my OmniPod 50% for period of one hour. Then, I eat a ThinkThin protein bar and take off.  I also drink a drink called Spark while on my ride to keep blood sugar up and steady.

Here’s the nerdy data from our ride…

Strava Map

Sunday Morning Ride – Great Blood Sugar and Great Route

My buddy Beej and I took a beautiful stroll around Mountain Brook, AL this morning burning a little over 1,000 calories. Blood glucose started out at about 135 after a trusty peanut butter and honey sandwich along with one of my favorite snacks, a Think Thin chocolate fudge bar(200 calories, gluten free). Glucose never rose above 200 and never went below 100. I didn’t bolus until AFTER the ride, and I took 5 units. All in all, I’d say today was one of the few days where I “nailed” it in terms of riding with Type 1 Diabetes.