Favorite Low Blood Sugar or Pre – Exercise Snack

I have an absolute addiction to this snack. It’s really a great source of energy and is delish.

ThinkThin bars have hit the health food scene with massive popularity. They are gluten free bars with high protein options. I only buy one flavor. CHOCOLATE FUDGE. I mean, come on people. How can you beat chocolate fudge?  One reason why I love this bar so much is the texture. It has a soft, chewy texture like fudge should have.  However, the taste is FANTASTIC as well.  You don’t taste that chemical taste you get in a lot of other protein bars or weight loss snacks.

Prior to exercise, I’ll knock down a Thinkthin bar and dial my insulin basal back to about 50%, more or less depending on the strain of the exercise plan that day.

When my blood sugar is low, it’s a great snack too.  Fast reacting because of the chocolate base, but really filling and long lasting too with the protein at 20g.  It’s a 240 calorie snack, so you can’t eat 5 a day plus your normal meal schedule. I find them to be great treats in the hustle and bustle of a diabetic day or week. This is just one of many great tips I love to offer. If you want more access to this kind of information, sign up here!


Chocolate Fudge

Thinkthin Diabetic Cyclist

Nutritional Numbers

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