Spin Class – Suffer The Hypoglycemic Way

Suffering Class

Suffering Class

Our local fitness facility is pretty stinking awesome. The above is the group cycling studio. If you have to submit yourself to an hour of physical punishment, this is the best place to do it.

It’s interesting though. ┬áSpin class, no matter which routine the instructor pursues, is much harder on my glucose levels than riding a bike on the open road. I mean, my blood sugar falls into the Mariana Trench. I think it’s the constant intensity of each course. It’s like a hammer pounding on your blood sugar minute after minute. Constant tension on your legs and big muscles in your legs equates to full on fuel burn.

I really end up having to dial back the insulin basal. Starting about 30 minutes before the class and trying to make sure my BG is around 190 or so, I dial back the temp basal by 50%.

Anyone else out there do spin class? Or do you have an exercise that is so intense your glucose levels fall off the cliff? Comments if so, please.