Favorite Low Blood Sugar or Pre – Exercise Snack

I have an absolute addiction to this snack. It’s really a great source of energy and is delish.

ThinkThin bars have hit the health food scene with massive popularity. They are gluten free bars with high protein options. I only buy one flavor. CHOCOLATE FUDGE. I mean, come on people. How can you beat chocolate fudge?  One reason why I love this bar so much is the texture. It has a soft, chewy texture like fudge should have.  However, the taste is FANTASTIC as well.  You don’t taste that chemical taste you get in a lot of other protein bars or weight loss snacks.

Prior to exercise, I’ll knock down a Thinkthin bar and dial my insulin basal back to about 50%, more or less depending on the strain of the exercise plan that day.

When my blood sugar is low, it’s a great snack too.  Fast reacting because of the chocolate base, but really filling and long lasting too with the protein at 20g.  It’s a 240 calorie snack, so you can’t eat 5 a day plus your normal meal schedule. I find them to be great treats in the hustle and bustle of a diabetic day or week. This is just one of many great tips I love to offer. If you want more access to this kind of information, sign up here!


Chocolate Fudge

Thinkthin Diabetic Cyclist

Nutritional Numbers

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Delivering Bolus – OmniPod Insulin Management System Rocks

OmniPod Insulin Management System

I love my OmniPod tubeless insulin pump. Love it. I love it more than a bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce on it.

I’ve had it for two years now. It’s not without occasional technological flaws(typically the user’s fault), but at the end of the day it is the best insulin delivery system for me. Type 1 Diabetes is all about structure and control. The more you stay on top of it, the more victory you experience over it.  To accomplish this, you need tools that are smart, ahead of the curve and functional.  Considering your pancreas doesn’t work any more, something has to take it’s place…

OmniPod PDM

My #1 tool for fighting Type 1 Diabetes


Here is the OmniPod packaged up. You replace them every three days or so.

Insulet Corporation produces the OmniPod and it has changed my life. The pump itself is tubeless, allowing you maximum movement while you wear it. The Pod has an adhesive that sticks to your body and then, through a short process, quickly injects a plastic canula(tube) just under your skin that delivers the insulin into your tissue.  The computer itself is a genius use of technology as it supports your lifestyle. You can literally make changes and modifications to your plan at any point. The features of the OmniPod can be viewed at this link. Some of my favorite include: temporary basal adjustments, the 200 unit reservoir, the smallness of the Pod, programmable alerts/reminders, the carb/glucose adjustment capabilities for bolus and more.

If you are a diabetic or a parent of a diabetic, I would strongly recommend the OmniPod. Talk to your doctor today and get the ball rolling. It is a game changer. Don’t let Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 take your control from you.

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