5 Tips For Diabetics Who Are Sick of Low Blood Sugars – Seeing The Trees For The Forest


Here’s what I’ve noticed about my lifestyle as a Type 1 Diabetic as it pertains to consistent low blood sugars. The below are simply tips based on my own experience.  These are not necessarily universally applicable:

  1. My blood sugar goes low when I eat junk food. – I always end up over compensating for my junk food habit too much with extra bolus insulin.  I end up overshooting and my glucose levels crash into the bottom of the ocean. Therefore, junk food is bad. Period.
  2. When I ride my bike, all is well. – True story. When I ride at least every other day I am very consistent in my glucose levels and have much better days.  This is a result of actually taking less insulin and controlling things more naturally.
  3. Take extra supplies everywhere. – I live in the south, as in Alabama. We never get “good” snow that is fun, but not threatening to our way of life. However, we received a snow storm a couple of weeks ago that amounted to total infrastructure meltdown.  I was stuck in Atlanta at a friends house for three days. I almost ran out of OmniPods. I was really scared.  Always take 3 times the amount of supplies you think you will need on a trip.
  4. I wear my CGM(Dexcom G4) all the time. It has become a major player in my life. It saves me from a lot of stressful and awkward situations. I can say it has saved my life. This is possibly my biggest tip….that is, to get one if you can, as soon as you can.
  5. Using my OmniPod Insulin Pump is probably my second biggest tip.  Having an intelligent machine that can be agile with lifestyle and literally deliver insulin however and whenever I want is a game changer.  I cannot imagine life without it.

Anyone else out there with any similar tips from their lifestyle?

Everything Was Fine Til I Ran Out of Insulin

Omnipod Ran Out While I Was In A Loud Room


So, when you’re in a loud room for an extended amount of time and your Omnipod Insulin delivery stops…and you can’t hear the alarm beeps…your blood sugar will go up. It’s as predictable as gravity, except Dexcom G4 readings look more like a slow floating helium balloon. That just happened to me. Luckily, I caught it before it got too bad and counter bolused. It’s not always that “clean”.

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