Spin Class – Suffer The Hypoglycemic Way

Suffering Class

Suffering Class

Our local fitness facility is pretty stinking awesome. The above is the group cycling studio. If you have to submit yourself to an hour of physical punishment, this is the best place to do it.

It’s interesting though.  Spin class, no matter which routine the instructor pursues, is much harder on my glucose levels than riding a bike on the open road. I mean, my blood sugar falls into the Mariana Trench. I think it’s the constant intensity of each course. It’s like a hammer pounding on your blood sugar minute after minute. Constant tension on your legs and big muscles in your legs equates to full on fuel burn.

I really end up having to dial back the insulin basal. Starting about 30 minutes before the class and trying to make sure my BG is around 190 or so, I dial back the temp basal by 50%.

Anyone else out there do spin class? Or do you have an exercise that is so intense your glucose levels fall off the cliff? Comments if so, please.

Favorite Low Blood Sugar or Pre – Exercise Snack

I have an absolute addiction to this snack. It’s really a great source of energy and is delish.

ThinkThin bars have hit the health food scene with massive popularity. They are gluten free bars with high protein options. I only buy one flavor. CHOCOLATE FUDGE. I mean, come on people. How can you beat chocolate fudge?  One reason why I love this bar so much is the texture. It has a soft, chewy texture like fudge should have.  However, the taste is FANTASTIC as well.  You don’t taste that chemical taste you get in a lot of other protein bars or weight loss snacks.

Prior to exercise, I’ll knock down a Thinkthin bar and dial my insulin basal back to about 50%, more or less depending on the strain of the exercise plan that day.

When my blood sugar is low, it’s a great snack too.  Fast reacting because of the chocolate base, but really filling and long lasting too with the protein at 20g.  It’s a 240 calorie snack, so you can’t eat 5 a day plus your normal meal schedule. I find them to be great treats in the hustle and bustle of a diabetic day or week. This is just one of many great tips I love to offer. If you want more access to this kind of information, sign up here!


Chocolate Fudge

Thinkthin Diabetic Cyclist

Nutritional Numbers

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Best Blood Sugar Day

Best Blood Sugar Day

Best day of blood sugars in a long time. I think the average is about 113 for the day. It’s hard to have a day this level. Really hard. I don’t claim to have days like this every day, but had to share with everyone this time. For me, eating “quantity” is the struggle more so than “quality”. Today, I didn’t eat that much:).

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Sunday Morning Ride – Gorgeous Day – Low Blood Sugar

I hit 40 MPH today on a descent. That was crazy. 40 MPH.  Good way to die…

It was a little chilly, but no rain. Today was the first day of the year I had to pull on some arm warmers. I picked them up over at Chain Love, a one deal at a time site. I’ve picked up some great deals there. Usually 40%-60% off cycling related gear…

I had to cut my rid short because my blood glucose dipped a little to low. I went a little later in the morning, so I had already eaten breakfast with a slight bolus. My conclusion is that I still had a little too much insulin on board. It’s OK though. I still got some great climbs in and some pretty pics. Here’s my stats and some photos:

Road Pic Smeyer Circle

Road Pic Smeyer Circle

My Favorite Descent In Birmingham

My Favorite Descent In Birmingham

The ole Dexcom G4 reading post ride. This explained why my legs felt like wet logs.

The ole Dexcom G4 reading post ride. This explained why my legs felt like wet logs.

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Waterboarding The Diabetic

I used to wake up 2-3 nights a week to my wife pouring apple juice down my mouth like she was some kind of sick terrorist water-boarding me with a fruity twist. I was usually in a cold sweat, drenched head to toe and many times unable to figure out exactly what was going on. Well, she wasn’t initiating me into Al Qaeda like it sounded. She was saving me from hypoglycemic reactions. Low blood sugars.

It’s really hard to understand the role diabetes plays in someone’s day to day life. It is literally ALWAYS there. For those of us with Type 1, or juvenile onset, we walk with this chronic illness everywhere and we have to ALWAYS be ahead of it. Low and high blood sugars can absolutely ruin the most common, everyday moments.  CONTROL is the only way to fight it. Control the disease or it will control you….or torture you.

One way that we have conquered the fight against Type 1 Diabetes is through a Continuous Glucose Monitor(CGM). I use a Dexcom G4 and it is literally my most prized technological possession. It tells me what my blood sugar is at all times and where it is headed. I can literally head off bad moments at the pass. Check it out and get a glimpse of how some of us diabetics are sleeping seven nights a week without low blood sugar attacks…

Dexcom G4 CGM

Love this guy. He’s a life saver.