Delivering Bolus – OmniPod Insulin Management System Rocks

OmniPod Insulin Management System

I love my OmniPod tubeless insulin pump. Love it. I love it more than a bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce on it.

I’ve had it for two years now. It’s not without occasional technological flaws(typically the user’s fault), but at the end of the day it is the best insulin delivery system for me. Type 1 Diabetes is all about structure and control. The more you stay on top of it, the more victory you experience over it.  To accomplish this, you need tools that are smart, ahead of the curve and functional.  Considering your pancreas doesn’t work any more, something has to take it’s place…

OmniPod PDM

My #1 tool for fighting Type 1 Diabetes


Here is the OmniPod packaged up. You replace them every three days or so.

Insulet Corporation produces the OmniPod and it has changed my life. The pump itself is tubeless, allowing you maximum movement while you wear it. The Pod has an adhesive that sticks to your body and then, through a short process, quickly injects a plastic canula(tube) just under your skin that delivers the insulin into your tissue.  The computer itself is a genius use of technology as it supports your lifestyle. You can literally make changes and modifications to your plan at any point. The features of the OmniPod can be viewed at this link. Some of my favorite include: temporary basal adjustments, the 200 unit reservoir, the smallness of the Pod, programmable alerts/reminders, the carb/glucose adjustment capabilities for bolus and more.

If you are a diabetic or a parent of a diabetic, I would strongly recommend the OmniPod. Talk to your doctor today and get the ball rolling. It is a game changer. Don’t let Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 take your control from you.

I’d love for you to ask questions or tell me about your current insulin system. Enter in the comments section or comment on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

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Everything Was Fine Til I Ran Out of Insulin

Omnipod Ran Out While I Was In A Loud Room


So, when you’re in a loud room for an extended amount of time and your Omnipod Insulin delivery stops…and you can’t hear the alarm beeps…your blood sugar will go up. It’s as predictable as gravity, except Dexcom G4 readings look more like a slow floating helium balloon. That just happened to me. Luckily, I caught it before it got too bad and counter bolused. It’s not always that “clean”.

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FREE Glucose Management Tool

Free Glucose Management Tool

Blue CircleDo you ever feel like things are getting a little out of control with your lifestyle as a diabetic? Circumstances, schedules, food decisions, etc. all become variables that we have to navigate correctly or face the consequences.  Do you ever feel that way? Well, you’re not alone…

If you’re like me, you need all the help you can get managing your diabetes. So, in an effort to help you correct your “course” or at least add a little more structure to what you currently are doing, I’m providing a simple tool that might add value to your day.

I’ll email it to you personally. Simply fill out the below and I’ll be in touch with The Glucose Management Tool provided by The Diabetic Cyclist.

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I Want To Give You Type 1 Diabetes #T1D4ADAY

Just kidding. However, it is Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Month and if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have this disease, well, you’re in luck.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has a chance for you to experience the daily “interruptions” of Type 1 Diabetes. Check out this video:

Check out this link to get more information and how to sign up. Please spread the word by using #T1D4ADAY.

Essential Items For A Diabetic

You know that song, “All You Need Is Love”? Well, that’s garbage if you’re a diabetic.  The writer obviously wasn’t insulin dependent.  Nor have they woke up in the middle of the night to their CGM screaming at them or in a cold, drenched sweat because their glucose level was LOW.

Here’s a list of things you need on top of love(by they way, love is, of course, the most important….just for the record):

  1. Insulin – No brainer, I know…
  2. Insulin delivery system – Are you a pumper or a shot taker? Make sure you have your supplies
  3. Glucagon Emergency Kit – Have you SEEN The Panic Room with Jody Foster?Glucagon
  4. Emergency Snacks
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Extra Batteries for your Pump(if you use a pump)
  7. Extra supplies in case something malfunctions
  8. Emergency I.D. – I use a ROAD ID bracelet…it’s AWESOME!

What else? What am I leaving out? I know I’m leaving some pretty important stuff. What do you suggest?

Please comment and share with your peers too. Thanks!!

Waterboarding The Diabetic

The Diabetic Cyclist

I used to wake up 2-3 nights a week to my wife pouring apple juice down my mouth like she was some kind of sick terrorist water-boarding me with a fruity twist. I was usually in a cold sweat, drenched head to toe and many times unable to figure out exactly what was going on. Well, she wasn’t initiating me into Al Qaeda like it sounded. She was saving me from hypoglycemic reactions. Low blood sugars.

It’s really hard to understand the role diabetes plays in someone’s day to day life. It is literally ALWAYS there. For those of us with Type 1, or juvenile onset, we walk with this chronic illness everywhere and we have to ALWAYS be ahead of it. Low and high blood sugars can absolutely ruin the most common, everyday moments.  CONTROL is the only way to fight it. Control the disease or it will control…

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